Underestimated is a brand that was created, not based on a look, but a mindset.

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About Us

Contrary Image Inc. was established 2014 with photography for weddings, family photos, graduation pictures, etc. We have now expanded our business nationwide by opening up a clothing line including accessories which is now known as UnderEstm8d. Our two CEOs of this business are Truman Guinn and Isaiah G. Whitaker. Guinn has a college background in Graphic Design & Arts while Whitaker's background is in Mathematics & Accounting. Many designs are pending and many more are soon to come! 

"Underestimated is a brand that was created, not based on a look, but a mindset. I have always felt in my life that other people (especially in authority) have underestimated me, my abilities, and my value. We also underestimate our measure of faith. We underestimate God. We underestimate others based on appearance or what we have heard of/about them. I think almost all of us underestimate ourselves in one way or another. When we allow underestimation to take place, we keep ourselves from reaching our full potential. Underestimation causes us to fall into the trap of mediocrity. For me, this brand is about breaking through the glass ceiling that we put ourselves underneath, and becoming something much greater than we could ever imagine. I feel that this positive, forward mindset and cause is something that everyone can relate to. Everyone should be inspired and able to win and be more than what they are in their present state. Whether it's mentally, spiritually, physically, or financially."